When you’re trying to stick to a Keto meal plan,  preparing a hot lunch everyday is pretty unrealistic.

I was making several recipes on Sundays and using them for meal prep, reheat-able meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which was delicious, but made for a really long and exhausting Sunday.

Now, I will make one new Keto recipe and keep my other meals for the week very simple. This 3 Step chicken salad recipe is the perfect cold lunch that will fit into any Keto meal plan.

 Keto Chicken salad

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Keto Friendly Ingredients

Although us Keto-ers are being told we can have Keto recipes with  butter, cheese, and chicken thighs instead of just chicken breasts, it’s still important to be mindful of the ingredients and the amount of saturated fats we consume on a regular basis.

I seriously can’t find a mayonnaise that I’m happy with in any regular grocery stores! I recommend making your own Keto Mayo or using  Trader Joes Organic Mayo. You want it to provide healthy fats, no ingredients you can’t pronounce on the label, and no added sweeteners.

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